Essay Sample: Essay Letter to Nephew

My dear nephew,


First, I hope you and your little sister Katty are okay and that your life in Ottawa is great. I don’t know if you know this, but your father was born there. I have sent some presents for you and your family; I hope you would like it.

Unfortunately, I’ve been working for 4 months and my departure from this city is approaching. Indeed, I’m leaving after 5 years of good life in this city, despite some adventures. I have been living for 35 years, this is huge for me! And now, it’s time for me to leave. I’m writing this letter to tell you the whole story of my life because I think you can imagine that I’m not an ordinary human being…

So, sit down and take the time to read this letter I’m writing to you from my bed.

Let’s start at the beginning, how was I created? Your father, who was 18 years old at the time, went to study at the University of Toronto, he was a great, very great lover of science but especially about life and the body. As a child, your father, James, already knew a lot about physics, it seems to me that he was taught by a friend of your grandfather. You should know that your father is always eager to learn new things. One day, your father decided to create a human by gathering dead body parts, he was so addicted to his project that he never left his laboratory, social life didn’t matter to him, so much that he didn\’t visit his family for two years! Can you imagine? Two years!

He had finally conceived me, and I had come to life thanks to a bolt of lightning. I was a new species. At first, he was afraid and found me so ugly that he hid himself and ran away, I had to live in this shame and ugliness.

It took me a long time to make up my mind to come back to Toronto. A year later, I arose in the city and when James saw me, he apologized a thousand times and promised me that he would never reject me again, he even gave me plastic surgery. We were starting to get close, but he didn’t want to reveal me to the world yet, so life went on as normal. He had just introduced me to his sister, his little brother and his father, I was the best man at his wedding with Monica (she is the foster sister of your father), I often took care of his little brother Jim as well.

And one day, everything changed… As James and I were heading back to the university, a student surprised us… So, James decided to introduce me to the world.

Suddenly, he was propelled from being an ordinary student to be a scientist and not just any scientists, a renowned scientist. So renowned that the other scientists didn’t matter anymore. He and I kept travelling around the world giving lectures, everyone who saw me was impressed by my great height and my face the question everyone was asking, was: “how?”

This success lasted for years until we decided to stop and to return to Canada to enjoy the family.

James bought a new house with Monica near Vancouver and so did I. So, I lived alone. They both had two children, you and I had the honor of choosing your first name.

To show that I belonged to the family, James named me UNCLE, I took this role very much to heart but also very seriously. James was beginning to be more open-minded and sociable than before and had been appointed director of the University of Toronto. A man, Bob, was your father’s best friend, alas, he was killed by a beggar 6 years ago. Despite this, your father declared at his funeral that Bob would be his Best Friend Forever, dead or alive. What a good person! You should know that your father is such a nice person and has a big heart.

You also might ask yourself how I lived my life in this world. Well… After my world tour, people looked up to me and always asked me for autographs, I was like… A star, you might say. I had a lot of friends and we used to meet every night in the bars in Ingolstadt and drink beer. But life wasn’t always happy for me.

The first unhappy moment was when James rejected me (and I had to live for a year hidden) but the second saddest moment was the love of my life?

Yes, I fell in love, it was 10 years ago…

While I was out getting medicine for your mother who was seriously ill, I suddenly fell in love, it was love at first sight, it was the pharmacist, she was tall, smiling, blonde with blue eyes but most of all she was kind, welcoming, radiant (she was always beaming and smiling) and seemed to have a big heart, we started talking and guess what? She’s in love with me too! I was the happiest person on this planet and Marie and I wanted to get married 10 months after we met.

However, all love stories can’t be perfect… Many scientists had been overwhelmed by Victor’s success, and among them, there was Marie’s father.

The ups and downs of life…

Nevertheless, we still tried our luck with James and Marie’s father, Gustavo. They replied immediately: “NO!” Unfair, isn’t it?

Her parents did not want to marry her to a man like me and forbad her to see me again, first, because I was ugly according to them and I would shame to their family, and second, they explained to her that I was the creation of their worst enemy. The love of my life wasn’t lay within my grasp anymore.

Mary plunged into an endless depression, so much so that one winter’s day, she took her own life.

Me too, you know, I almost killed myself, but James eventually stopped me. You’re probably wondering how a person could end his life, so I suggest you read Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare right away.

Unfortunately, I had to live with this burden for the rest of my life and I will never get over it even after I leave this world. The week before her death, she told me we would meet again in heaven.

On that note, my dear nephew, I wish you a beautiful and joyful life, enjoy the time you have left, life is precious, it is now time for me to pack my baggage and leave…

Don’t forget to visit me some day!

So, don’t forget what I tell you every time we meet: “No matter what happens, our life always ends badly, so let\’s give meaning to our time.”

You, your sister, your father and all those who have supported me in this world are my blessing, my reason for living.

Your uncle…